I'll give you my heart.

I'll give you my heart.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Howdyy. Well I've kinda neglected my blog. Not that anyone reads it. But yeah. I guess I am more a tuber than a blogger. Youtube is where I find the most nice people. :')

When I wake up, usually (after like 4 hours of shivering and willing myself to move) I turn on my laptop.

*makes the funny noise Windows makes when it starts up.*

I whack up my internet page. Facebook is my homepage. HAHAHA. :')
I send Tim a message (because I'm lovely).

I check my notifications...which probably aren't actually relevant to me...o.O

Then I go on Youtube.

(: (: (:

It makes me smile.


Every morning I have like 5 comments, mainly from Vince (my Guamanian...).

They are all so niceeeee. Hehe. They do make me happy. :')

It is like YAYYYYY NICE PEOPLE! They don't have to be nice. I don't put my videos on there for people to comment on. I just want to like do what I love. :') Haha.

How cheesy did that sound ^^^

But they do comment and it makes my day.

3 More Views on my video and I've hit 400. :O 400...a wholeee 400. :P


That is all. <3 Peace.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Howdyy. This blog is going to be about...DUN DUN DUNNNN...

See the tension building up here. :')

Anyways. This is my "YAY I GOT 250 VIEWS ON ONE OF MY YOUTUBE VIDEOS!" post.

Yes. That is right. I uploaded it 2 days ago and now it has 254 views. Anyone who watched it...rocks. Especially my friend in Guam. *waves in the general direction of Guam...*

(I totally guessed which direction Guam was)

Check out my channel. And see that I am so totally not lying.

Did you know that as of today, 1 billion people have hit the SUBSCRIBE button all over Youtube? Youtube are very excited. They made thier own blog about it. Which I read. I even watched the scary video at the end with Cuddles the Bunny thing.

I think I have 12 subscribers. :') Most of which are related to me. :')

It makes me smile when people comment nice things on my videos. Hehe. Even if they are from Guam. :')

It makes me feel appreciated. HAHA. (:

I love you.
Olive you.

I will love you more if you subscribe to my channel...just saying. ;)

That is all. <3 Peace.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Howdyy. :)

If anyone reading this knows who Hanshu is...and why they want me to go on cam...please do tell.

Hanshu sent you a private message:
"Hey babes. Cam?"

No Hanshu. Sorry. But I do not want to go on cam for you. For several reasons...

1 - Anyone called Hanshu has to be a bit weird...
2 - I don't KNOW anyone called Hanshu...
3 - I think Hanshu is probably a paedophile...there is a good chance.

So sorry Hanshu again. But you are officially BLOCKED. :')

Is it just me or does the name "Hanshu" make you feel hungry?

I learnt something today. Ben reads my blogs. HELLO BEN! Haha. Hi. *waves*

If you don't know Ben...you should. You are missing out. :) He is very lovely.

One of the loveliest boys I know actually. (:

He is all the way in Florida at the moment...sad times. But I am hat-sitting for him.

It is like baby-sitting...but with a hat and not a baby. Ben doesn't have a baby...or at least I don't think he does. o.O

His hat is very big and fluffy and I told Mr Chappell it was made out of a cat. :)

Anyways. I will shut up and go play with my Daddy and my Cousin. We are on the PS3 :P

BYE BEN. And Hanshu ;)

That is all. <3 Peace.
Howdyy. Well today I am celebrating...celebrating the fact I now have...COUNT THEM WITH ME...1...2...5! 5 FOLLOWERS. I get impatient when I count. :')

To celebrate this amazing event, I am going to do a little dance. *dances*

Ok. Now I have nothing to be happy about. Except that this song is amazing. Romeo and Juliet - The Killers. What. A. Song.

Pippa and I were completely outraged by the film of the same name as that song. The ending was so annoying. I think we did actually shout...while sat in our English lesson.

"Oh look I am sat with my eyes open watching you drink your poison. I don't think I will say anything yet."

What an idiot. Just watch Romeo die why don't you.

Sorry. Erm. I will talk about something constructive now.

Did you know that intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair? I know this because A - I remember reading it in my record book once and B - Some randomer from a weird country which has a name I can't pronounce just told me.

That wasn't really constructive. Or even relevant.

I've got soul but I'm not a soldier.

Or as Joel likes to say, I've got ham but I'm not a hamster.

Joel enjoys bullying me and stealing my shoes...which gets REALLY annoying by like the 50th time in 5 minutes.

Sorry I really will shut up until I think of something which will interest you.

Nope. I canna think of anything.


That is all. <3 Peace.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Howdyy. Well I still don't know what I am meant to do. I thought I would just make this a collaboration of my thoughts...but then I remembered that my thoughts make no sense. It would be something like this:

Ostrich, Elephant...haha...Ella-phant. Lemons, ooh cheese. PIE.

And no one wants to read that. (:

Then I thought maybe I would write a story...and tell everyone on my blog. My whole 4 followers :O But then I rememebered that I am not the best at writing stories. It would be something like this:

The dog ate a cat in the rabbit while playing tennis with a llama.

And as amazing as that sounds, I don't think anyone wants to read that either.

So I have decided just to ramble on about rubbish for my blog to anyone who wants to listen. Everyday, you can be enlightened with stupid idiotic nonsense. Because we know you love it.

On Saturday, I am going to a party. I KNOW. Getting out of my house :') Be proud. Anyways. I am going as a really creepy doll which I am still currently trying to relocate the picture of. It looked scarily like me. Baha. It sorta was wearing a black dress with a black bow in its hair...sat looking broken in the corner of a dark room. o.O

Oooh. I love this song. I may have forgotten to mention the slight obsession I have acquired recently. Yes. I know how old a certain former Killers frontman is...and where this Mr Flowers was born...and the names of all this Brandon's family members...and yes I am a little bit obsessed with Brandon Flowers. I didn't make it that obvious did I?

I just think he is amazing. I don't know what the Church of the Latter Day Saints is...but he is part of that, has been since he was 5.

"Our dreams will break the boundaries of our fears."


"We perservere. God gives us hope. But we still fear. We don't know."


I will stop going on about Brandon Flowers now. Sorry.

That is all. <3 Peace.

Monday, 25 October 2010


I guess I should start off with an introduction or something to that effect. So here goes. <3

I am Ella. That is all. Just Simply Ella. I am nothing more nor anything less than that. I wouldn't change who I am for the world.

Carol Ann. My middle names. I wear them with pride and honour. My Auntie's name. My Auntie who I never got to meet because Cancer had other plans. I would like to think she is watching us all and that I am doing her proud.

If I put in my best effort and try my hardest...maybe just maybe, things will be ok. :) Slowly but surely, I'm making my way. Someday, I will get to exactly where I want to be...where that is...I haven't decided yet. I guess I'll just go where ever my path leads me.

My Music is what really keeps me going here. I love my guitar more than like anything else I own. He is my escape...and yes he is male. Don't ask.

I have the most amazing family. My Mum who knows what to do when I need her and how to make laugh when I really don't even want to smile. My Daddy who is my hero. One day, I want to be just as brilliant as he is. My big brother who never fails to make me giggle...even if he does bully me, hehe. My big sister who is absolutely fantaaastic. She is so beautiful and she helps me so that I can maybe be as pretty as she is. My little sister who is just bonkers...she is crazy...but I wouldn't want her any other way. Last but definitely not least, my little brother. He lights up my day just by smiling. He is the best one year old ever and his chuckle is the most beautiful sound I have ever heard.

On top of that, I have the rest of our perfectly mad family. All my cousins and my auntie and my uncle and ahhh...we just rule. (:

My Nana is such a fighter...she never lets anything knock her down. I mean, she broke her wrist and still managed to make us cakes! Hehe. I wish I could be as strong as her.

I don't know what I would do without my Grandad. He is an inspiration for all the things he does. He is amazing. Despite his bad knees, he always has a smile on his face and that makes me happy. His hugs make everything better and his bad jokes make me giggle. Hehe. He gives us all everything he can.

I am proud to come from such a fantastic family.

I have a limited vocabulary...so I probably use the word "amazing" and "fantastic" more than I should...but I can not think of any other adjectives.

No words can quite describe how I feel when we are all together. I guess...happy will have to do.

My friends are...different. Hehe. Unique. :)

Pippa and I have been best friends since the Elephant in a hat knows. Sometimes I actually wonder if we share the same brain...then I remember that is impossible and tell myself to shut up. She is probably the only reason I go to ICT and English...and as much as I love Maths...it wouldn't be the same without her there next to me. We could make a whole book on all our injokes and our made up words...but why would I want to do that? She is the best friend anyone could wish for. She laughs at all my lame and rubbish jokes (probably just to make me feel good). We sit with each other every lunch and in all the lessons we have together...there is never ever a boring second because whether we are laughing our heads off or just sat talking...I am happy. (: She is there for me when ever I need her and that is why I don't think I would survive without her. (If you are reading this Pippa, Tangerine, Pumpkin...we have an orange theme don't we? Anyways I love youu :P)

Hayley. Now I haven't known her for too long. But we still compliment each other like colours. Sorry. PlayRadioPlay moment. She'll understand. Anyways. Hayley is amazing and I am missing her at the moment because she is away but when she comes back, we will have to have one of our talks...which go on for hours...about life, boys, school...anything. I can talk to her about anything. I know that she won't judge me if what I say is bad and I know that she will be happy for me if it is good. She makes me laugh. She makes me smile. She is just awesome. :)

TIM. Timothy. Haha. I don't care what anyone says about Tim. He is brilliant. He can tell when I am upset just by the way I text and he knows exactly what to say to make everything better. HE DOES NOT FANCY HIS SISTER. Sorry. Thought I would just get that in there. He lives 325 miles away but somehow that doesn't seem so far. I talk to him everyday, whether that be on the phone, by text, on facebook...somehow he will talk to me. It makes me happy. Hehe. He is the sweetest thing since erm something which is sweet. He is ever ever ever ever so nice and I love him very much...even if he does mock me...Haha.

Ben is awesomesaucey. Even though I have only actually been talking to him properly for what like a month...I think I can consider him quite the amazing friend. He is always there for me and I can just talk to him about anything. He makes me laugh. He lets me wear his frankly incredible (haven't used that adjective yet) hat to keep me warm. Er ist sehr sehr sehr sehr nett und lustig. (GERMAN)

I am sorry. I am rambling on about things which will bore your little brains...or big brains...I don't want to insult anyone here.

Basically. My life is pretty super duper...as long as my family and friends are here with me. :)


That is all <3 Peace.