I'll give you my heart.

I'll give you my heart.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Howdyy. Well I've kinda neglected my blog. Not that anyone reads it. But yeah. I guess I am more a tuber than a blogger. Youtube is where I find the most nice people. :')

When I wake up, usually (after like 4 hours of shivering and willing myself to move) I turn on my laptop.

*makes the funny noise Windows makes when it starts up.*

I whack up my internet page. Facebook is my homepage. HAHAHA. :')
I send Tim a message (because I'm lovely).

I check my notifications...which probably aren't actually relevant to me...o.O

Then I go on Youtube.

(: (: (:

It makes me smile.


Every morning I have like 5 comments, mainly from Vince (my Guamanian...).

They are all so niceeeee. Hehe. They do make me happy. :')

It is like YAYYYYY NICE PEOPLE! They don't have to be nice. I don't put my videos on there for people to comment on. I just want to like do what I love. :') Haha.

How cheesy did that sound ^^^

But they do comment and it makes my day.

3 More Views on my video and I've hit 400. :O 400...a wholeee 400. :P


That is all. <3 Peace.