I'll give you my heart.

I'll give you my heart.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Fab Friday.

Today is Fridayy. (: And that means FAB FRIDAY IS HERE. Where we write about something fab we've done this week and share it with everyone...(:

Now I'm not the best at the keyboard.
I've been practising but I'm not really very good.
But this week I tried really hard and managed to feel confident enough to record myself on the piano for the first time.
It is a song my friend plays every music lesson and I decided to try and learn that song too. (:

So this week for my Fab Friday...I am going to tell everyone about how I plucked up the courage to do something a little out of my comfort zone. And better yet...the lovely people on Youtube made me feel very happy about it. Now I think I'm going to keep practising and trying to improve because of all the support I'm getting. :)


Wednesday, 19 January 2011

7 Things About Me.

My mum tagged me in this post so I thought I may aswell do it. Especially since I've got nothing else to do  except stalk people's profiles, update my status 433 times in an hour and watch videos of balding men doing handstands. I should probably spread my addiction futher than just the realms of Facebook and Youtube and bring my Blog into it too. :P

1) Whenever I am ill, I eat RIDICULOUS amounts of Skittles and Digestive biscuits. They are the only food that I can stomach and they make me happy. (: Daddy always goes out and buys them when he knows I'm not well. Because he is amazing...and I love him very much. :D Hehe.

2) I am actually ADDICTED to horror. I could tell you EVERYTHING there is to know about Saw or Nightmare on Elm Street...you name it, I could probably give you a whole bunch of useless information you'll never need to know. The wall of my bedroom is plastered with pictures of iconic characters from some of the best scary films out. From Leatherface *Texas Chainsaw Massacre* to Pinhead *Hellraiser*, they look down on my bed...which I'm sure is the reason some people don't return to my house for a second visit. My book shelf is lined with Clive Barker's best works...I've got my collectible SAW figures, my cuddly horror killers. I don't care what people think...I like it. :P

3) I may love Quadratic Equations more than I love my shoes. (I love my shoes a lot). I just absolutely love Quadratics. They make me smile. It is just like the best thing since sliced bread. (I think sliced bread is amazing...much better than regular bread).

4) I am rubbish at sleeping. =/ I get to sleep after trying for an hour then wake up and only 10 minutes will have passed. Then I'll have another hour of attempting to doze off...just to fail miserably again. And on the occasion that I DO fall asleep...it'll be rudely interupted by some horrible dream about people drowning. By the time I actually get some rest...it is time to wake up. :l And they wonder why I'm tired in the mornings. >.<

5) If I could have a pet which was ANY animal in the world, I would have a Marine Iguana. After watching a video about the Galapagos islands in yet another Biology lesson...I fell in love with these lizard things. They sneeze up salt! How much cuter can you get?! Ok. So maybe you'd rather a fluffy rabbit, or a kitten, or a puppy...but I think they are adoraaaable. Hehe.

6) I am veryy competitive...especially when it comes to video games. This is where I take after my brother. When we play any of those kids Buzz games together, it usually ends up in tears...(His tears...because I beat him everytime.) When we play as a team though...we're unstoppable. :P The HOURS we spent battling each other because we each wanted to beat the others high score. The leader board on the Wii Fit for the football game goes like this...

Joe - 555 PERFECT
Ella - 555 PERFECT
Joe - 555 PERFECT
Ella - 555 PERFECT
Joe - 555 PERFECT
Ella - 555 PERFECT

You get the idea.

My lovely big brother and I. (:

7) I have a whole bunch of people I'd love to see. People who live overseas, people who have moved, people I've never met before. From Guam :P to Yorkshire, I've made friends and one day I hope to have seen a fair few of them...the saner more normal ones. Hehe. For example...I'm talking to one of my best friends as I write this. His name is Andrew. He lives an awful long way away...but I hope that I get to see him someday. Because he is one of the most amazing people I know. :) Hehe. I have a lot of REALLY great friends who I never get to see and it is saddening. I wish it was easier to see them all because they mean so much to me. But hey ho ho hum. One day. <3

I was trying to find a cool picture of us. I think this is pretty amazing. :P

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Beautifully. - Jay Brannan.

"How beautiful do I have to be?"

Jay Brannan is one of my favourite artists at the moment. The way he plays his guitar with such ease and beauty...it is quite extraordinary.

This song is my favourite of his. It makes me kinda sad. I get too attached to the characters in songs. *rolls eyes* I want to go give the girl a big hug and tell her she is beautiful and that he doesn't deserve her. :(

She just loves him. She just wants him to love her. But for some reason he doesn't want to be with her...=/

"It's not that you're not beautiful. You're just not beautiful to me."

Here's My Cover. (: <3

Thursday, 13 January 2011

I can't be anything but myself.

Here is a list of things about me. (:

I like lists. ;)
I can't tie my shoes.
I love hand sanitiser.
I can't touch my toes.
My tongue is freakishly short.
My forehead is freakishly large.
I am sorta average size.
My feet are ridiculously small.
My laugh is usually more like a wheeze.
I sometimes break into random accents by accident.
I pronounce an extra R in words like "castle" and "bath".
I get mocked for being "posh".
I absolutely love Maths...especially when Quadratics are involved.
I am apparently too nice for my own good.
I got kicked out of my Drama class for being "disruptive".
Other than that...I'm a little bit of a nerd.
Music is beautiful and an escape from anything and everything.
I may be in love with a balding, middle-aged, fat man on Youtube.
I wish I lived somewhere more exciting.
When people spell things wrong, it annoys me.
Your and You're. People need to learn the difference. >.<
My music teacher rides to school on a bike. It is disturbing.
I can text and type crazy fast. Practise makes perfect I suppose. :P
When people annoy me...I let them know...
Philippah and Ellahh...are best friends forever.
My guitar is the best thing I own.
I really don't like Shrek II.
Saw is one awesomesaucey franchise...I have a slight obsession.
I'm pretty bad with first impressions...I usually make a fool of myself.
If I had a pound for every single time someone has sung Umbrella by Rihanna at me...I'd be an actual millionaire.
I love taking photos because of all the memories you can capture with just one shot.
It is really sad that I don't have some pictures of things I'd really love to remember forever.
I try my best to help out people.
My advice is a little lacking and I end up sounding patronising.
When trying to comfort people...I just say "Oh Dear" a lot and don't really make anything better.
But I'm good at listening...if that makes any difference.
There is someone I'd really love to see again. (Pippa, I give you 3 guesses who that is)
15th of October last year was one of the best days of my life. (:
I love my Geography lessons...mainly because the people who sit on my table.
I insult my best friend about 9048374821948 times a day.
I try and tell the people I love that I love them...because whatever happens, I want them to know.
I'm a vegetarian and have been for most of my life.

There. We. Have. It.
Ella Carol Ann McDonald. <3