I'll give you my heart.

I'll give you my heart.

Friday, 4 March 2011

30 Day Song Challenge.


Well. On the Facebook, there is this new craze going on...(I say craze. About 7 people I know are doing it. Obviously that is now the definition of "craze") and that is to do this thing called the 30 Day Song Challenge.

Basically, over a 30 day period so about a month...every day you post a song from Youtube corresponding to what that day's critea is.

For example...

Day 17 - A song you hear often on the radio.
So you'd put a song you hear often on the radio.

It really isn't difficult. But anyway. I love my music and so I've decided to do it like the loser I am and waste 30 days of my life worrying about which song I want to put on that day. (:

I decided to post it on here as well as facebook because...well...I don't have anything interesting to write here so I may as well use this little piece of cyberspace for doing something. :S

Something is better than nothing.

Here goes.

Day 1 - Your Favourite Song.

Only The Young - Brandon Flowers.

I could have put any song here from his album because they are all so good. But I went from my most listened to on my iPod...which happened to be this. Seriously though, Brandon Flowers is kinda like my inspiration in all things musical. He writes all his own music and is absolutely amazing at what he does. I love him ratherrr a lot.

He is also rather handsome. ;) Hehe. (:


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