I'll give you my heart.

I'll give you my heart.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

30 Day Song Challenge. Day 2.

Day 2 - Your Least Favourite Song.

One Less Lonely Girl - Justin Bieber.

Okayy yeah. To be fair to him, I admire how far this dude has come. He's gone from a Canadian youtuber to a teen pop sensation. Yeah. Credit where it's due...he's done well for himself. He's got millions of girls blinded by...well...I don't know. Apparently he's good looking...o.O Erm. With that hair? And that face? o.O The noise that comes out his mouth is not a nice one...or a natural one...and is not really one I like listening to either. And the fact that every Bieber fan cried when he got his hair cut (like trimmed 1cm off the bottom)...it makes me feel a little bit sick. :S This song in particular makes me want to shoot myself. >.<

And why would that girl look at him in a million years? o.O Although someone may have told her how famous he is and she wants a bit of the action I suppose. o.O

No offense...he's done extremely well. But why? Yeah. I'm still trying to figure that out.



  1. I have pinched this to do on my blog :) I picked Crazy Frog by Axel F (not posted yet, I'm a day behind you) but I can't believe the Beiber didn't come to mind for this one... Maybe because I try so hard to avoid his music XD

  2. Excellently articulated the anti-Bieber feeling there Ella xxx

  3. Haha. Good choice. Crazy Frog is also VERY annoying. >.<

    Eurgh. Justin Bieber. He makes me throw up a little in my mouth sometimes. >.< Not really that's gross...but yeah. >.< <3