I'll give you my heart.

I'll give you my heart.

Monday, 14 February 2011

I've never been the best with my mouth. (8)

I've never been good at telling people what I really mean. Never been really any good at expressing myself.

That is why I love Music. I love how one song can let everyone know how you feel. Yeah so maybe to some people, it's just notes on a page...or a simple melody...but if you look beyond that, listen that bit deeper...you can open your eyes to a whole world of beauty.

If you just let the music in you can totally hear the whole story behind the piece. Whether it is just classical, instrumental, a pop song, a rock song, anything. You can tell exactly what the person was thinking, feeling, what they were going through when they wrote it.

Yeah. So one note may seem insignificant. But when you string them all together, you can make something amazing.

My "great" photography. LOL.



  1. Fabulous post and great pics :) xxx

  2. Well said. What a fine looking guitar...XXX

  3. What lovely thoughts - you really are a talented young lady and I am very proud to be your Nan xx